Our Story

Jesse has been obsessed with gardening his whole life. His passion was implanted from the time he was a tiny toddler waddling around the California desert, assisting his mom in her massive garden. As he grew, so did his passion for all things green. He moved to Berkeley for college and around that same time, his mom began a painful fight against cancer. Chemotherapy treatment stole her appetite and sleep, and so her doctors recommended medical marijuana to help her cope. Naturally, his mom chose to grow her own.
It wasn’t easy. His mom visited local nurseries and hydroponic stores in search of advice specific to cultivating cannabis only to be asked to leave. It was impossible to find an establishment willing to openly discuss the very serious matter of growing medicine so she had to teach herself. Jesse read every book and analyzed every experiment with her, learning side-by-side in her organic grow.
In 2004 his mom lost her battle with cancer. In 2005 Jesse graduated from UC Berkeley with a heartfelt commitment to helping patients like his mom gain access to knowledge, advice and clean medicine.
After years of working in dispensaries, professionally gardening and consulting, he wanted to open a shop where you could get answers to questions specific to growing cannabis. So here we are. Don’t come in asking questions about tomatoes unless you’re growing tomatoes. (In which case, we’ll help you grow some killer tomatoes!)