Our Crew


Jesse Porter

Hometown: 29 Palms, CA
Family: Married to Nguyen with a son. Only child.
Favorite plant to grow: Consumables. I can't pick just one.
Interesting tidbit: My trail name is Hello Kitty.  
Favorite childhood movie: Tremors
Pets: A cat (Lil' Will), a dog (Bruce Wayne) and a lizard (Roots).


James Bradford


Hometown: The Bay Area
Family: Married with three kids - two girls and a boy. 
Favorite plant to grow: Cannabis, Meyer lemons and lettuce.
Interesting tidbit: I love to fish but I don't eat fish. 
Favorite movie: King of New York
Pets: ​Two dogs - Mercedes and Lola.


Hometown: San Francisco, CA 

Family: Grew up with moms and sis, I'll grow some of my own kids in the future

Favorite plant to grow: Growing anything has been a first, but I like the instant gratification of berries and "off-the-tree" goodies

Interesting tidbit: At 12 years old I swam with Blue Footed Boobies and Marine Iguanas in the Galapagos Islands

Favorite movie: Pulp Fiction

Pets: ​Two cats - Bear & Carl



Hometown: Union City, CA
Family: Married to Jesse with a son. Youngest of five siblings. 
​​Favorite plant to grow: Bulbs
Interesting tidbit: My maiden name is Nguyen. So I was once a "Nguyen Nguyen" situation. 
Favorite childhood movie: The Princess Bride
Pets: ​A cat (Lil' Will), a dog (Bruce Wayne, pictured) and a lizard (Roots).