Our Favorites

With years of experience, we've narrowed in on what we believe are the most effective products available. We continue to test new products and find new favorites regularly. Here are just some of our favorites. For our full inventory, be sure to visit our store. 

Compost Tea

Compost Tea simply makes cannabis better and brewing tea is what we do best. Find these different active compost teas for sale at our store everyday: 

A Tea for More Roots

This tea is the perfect way to revitalize the root-zone. From the most delicate orchid to the tallest tree this compost tea has something all plants love: beneficial fungus! This tea has the power to adhere to your roots and live with your plants symbiotically until the end of their lives. This proprietary blend of microorganisms includes bacteria that ferociously clean the root zone, cannibalize bad fungus and bacteria and establish new fungal colonies. This tea is appropriate for any stage of growth and is a great tool to prevent transplant shock. It can even be used on fresh cuttings to establish first roots...just like a rooting hormone. This tea can be used at full strength on any plant without any concern for burn.

A Tea for Better Flowers

This tea has been in development for over 10 years in order to achieve two goals; improve the quality and quantity of your cannabis. The number of inputs for this tea is daunting but the relationship of each ingredient to the next, in proper proportion is what makes this tea so effective.  In addition to the billions of protozoa,nematodes, microarthropods, flagellates, bacteria and fungus this tea contains unique plant inputs to help your ladies express themselves fully on the way to a robust size and stature. Rock dusts from volcanic eruptions and dry sea beds mingle with sun-dried tomatoes, calendula flowers, horsetail, noni fruit, nettle, alfalfa, chocolate, coffee citrus and gentle sea salts to form a true delicacy for your plants.  Everything in this tea is meant to give your genetics the most diverse possible buffet so she never yearns, wants or needs for anything. Whether she is trying to put on weight, express her true colors or maximize her terpene signature...all she needs is a sip of tea.

A Tea for Lush Growth

This tea is a complex balance of mycorrhizae, bacteria and the fundamental nutritional building blocks that plants need to flourish. Built for fast growing annuals like cannabis, this tea works quickly to provide mobile plant nutrition. It uses organically derived amino acids and vitamins to immediately balance the plants internal composition and provides protozoa, nematodes, and other microorganisms to control the plants external environment. Then it provides long lasting core nutrition to allow the plant to grow uninhibited and inspired. This tea can turn your plants from yellow to green within 24hrs, save your crop from a downward slide, shorten your veg times and fix any pre-flower nutritional deficiencies. This tea will not burn but is strong enough that it can be diluted and distributed to any plant in need.  

If you are interested in making your own tea we have everything you need to get brewing today. We offer the full line of Organic Down To Earth dry amendments (Bio-live is our favorite) so we can help you put together any recipe you want. We also offer the full line of Ready to Brew tea mixes from Dragonfly Earth Medicine. We believe these are the highest quality and most thoughtful blends available for cannabis cultivation available anywhere in the world.


Ferments are all the goodness of organic ingredients that's been concentrated, stabilized and made ready to feed to your plants through the process of fermentation.

Many commercial companies have been incorporating ferments for years. This is one of the earliest forms of creating nutrition. It is organic, affordable and limitless. Using just about any organic matter, you can make ferments to kill bugs or nematodes or powdery mildew or you can focus on root initiation, faster growth, heavier buds, more intense terpene production...the choice is all yours. We love to provide the information for you to make your own ferments at home. We also provide the following ferments for sale every day.

The Heavy Ferment: Everything you plant needs from seed to harvest. We use over 100 different ingredients in this ferment in order to maximize the plant’s potential and produce the largest and heaviest buds possible from your strain.

The Flavor Ferment: This terpene and color excellerator is purpose driven. If you want Fat, Smelly, Colorful buds this is the answer.

The Killer Ferment: Derived from Chrysanthemum flowers this ferment will kill bugs on the most delicate plants. Whether the problem is mites, root aphids, thrips, whiteflies or some other annoying insect pest this ferment will kill the bugs as well as their eggs and larva without harming your plant.


Pesticides and Fungicides

We stock numerous pesticides and fungicides that are approved for cannabis production in California. Here are a few:

  • Neem Oil
  • Bacillus Subtilis
  • Bacillus Thuringienisis
  • Potassium Bicarbonate
  • Regalia
  • Grandevo
  • Venerate

Harvest Tools

We offer a variety of harvest tools that include:
  • Chikamasa scissors
  • 420 sharp scissors
  • Nitrile gloves
  • 99% isopropyl alcohol
  • The Trim Bag
  • CV Vaults 
  • Violiv Glass Jars
  • The Bucket Bucker 
  • Microscopes for analysis
  • Boveda Humidity packs

Growers Choice Ceramic Metal Halide (CMH/LEC)

We stock the 315 and the 630 version of this incredible lighting device. Powerful, cool, and energy efficient these ballast/lamp combos come powered by a full spectrum bulb that provides the perfect spectrum whether you are starting seeds or you are finishing flowers. We also stock their entire line of 315w lamps: 3k, 3k-R, 4k and 10k.


Fabric pots give you better drainage, help develop larger more capable roots, and grow healthier plants overall. They can be used successfully indoors or outdoors for multiple seasons and they look great! Out of all the fabric pots on the market we like GeoPots the best. They use high quality polyester thread, weather well, and each one is made locally in Santa Rosa California.


So what if the GeoPots we love so much came in planter boxes? Then we would use them year round in front of our shop and stock them in store of course. With all the same benefits of a GeoPot, they are also easy to assemble with their PVC frame. These planters are ready to go in just a few minutes. No tools required.

Cutting Edge Solutions

Cutting Edge Solutions is a nutrient line developed from extensive research at real farms throughout Northern California and is only made from world class ingredients. It's not about the quantity of nutrients in the bottle, its about the quantity of nutrients in the bottle that are actually available to your plants. Cutting Edge Solution's unique chelating agents make their nutes readily bioavailable so your plants can get what they need at every feeding. The highest quality, sustainably sourced, GMO free ingredients are concentrated into every bottle which they do themselves in Santa Rosa, California. We wholeheartedly stand by their products and carry their full line in sizes ranging from single quarts to fifteen gallon barrels. We also have fresh brewed HumTea daily.


Terpenes are responsible for a plant's distinctive flavor and aroma. Terpene production is directly correlated with cannabinoid production. Terpinator helps your plant produce more terpenes. Terpinator will help your flowers pass the nose, eye and mass spectrometry tests, making them more valuable.


Stonewool is made from basalt and limestone that have been melted to a temperature of 1,500°C and then spun rapidly to create fibers. The fibers are then compressed into blocks, slabs and sheets that work wonderfully as a clean and sterile growing medium.

We stock the Grodan line of stonewool, including their quicker draining alternative Pargro, in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Advanced Nutrients

Advanced Nutrients has been helping growers around the world cultivate cannabis for years. They are experts and industry leaders that continue to bring groundbreaking products to the market, "raising the bud weights...and reputations...of top growers." We like to create our own feeding charts loaded with supplements from Advanced Nutrients. We encourage you to do the same. We have all the Advanced Nutrients tribe members in stock, from Voodoo Juice to Flawless Finish...and we are happy to help you develop your own Cup winning feeding program.

GreenStone Nutrients

GreenStone plant nutrients are formulated for serious gardeners who expect the largest yields possible from their crops. With Greenstone nutrients and supplements your plants will thrive and produce the giant healthy blooms you are striving for.


Seaweed is an organic, non-pollutant, renewable resource that should have a role in every farmer's garden. Maxicrop products are derived from Ascophyllum Nodosum seaweed and are our favorite biostimulant. We use seaweed as a baby food for sensitive plants, feeding supplement at every stage of growth, root drench, foliar food and for pest managment. We carry Maxicrop in both liquid and powder forms.

Royal Gold Soils

Royal Gold's Tupur Mix is a very flexible growing medium that allows the gardener to feed more often than most. Full of coco, aged forest materials, perlite and crushed basalt - this stable blend allows for babies to establish roots without stress or burning, which gives the gardener more options in feeding, and thus more control over growth rates and outputs.

Royal Gold's Mendo Mix is loaded with shit. To be specific, it's a coco-based medium loaded with compost, perlite, lava rock, alfalfa meal, feather meal, fishbone meal, crushed basalt, kelp meal and bat guano. This is a charged soil containing everything you need from start to finish but also allows you to incorporate your own feeding schedule and additional amendments.

Royal Golds Kings mix is a larger sized 3 cubic foot bag that combines their high quality coco, nutrient retaining peat moss and all the fundamental nutrients your plant needs. This is a great mix for indoor or outdoor growing environments because of its unique blend of natural food and decomposing organic materials. Different from the Mendo mix this soil has a low odor and although it has plenty of food included in the bag it happily accepts liquid of dry amendments without becoming bogged down ot too "hot".

Coco Depot

Coco depot provides growers with one of the best values available to anyone looking for a certified organic unadulterated coco. No additives, no surfactants just clean Pure Coco. Its flexible, easy to use and affordable.

We also stock their 1 inch thick 4'x8' coco mat. This mat performs better than any other mat we have tried. It is not glued like most of the competition and as a result air and water flow through the root-zone much better. 


Max-Fans are lightweight, energy-efficient and most importantly, reliable. When you buy a fan you aren't just sucking and blowing air. You're improving the environment in which your plants live. Invest in a good fan and keep you plants happy throughout their lifetimes.

Hydrologic Filters

Most growers know that chlorine in tap water is bad for your plants but chloramines (particulate based chlorine) are even more harmful and difficult to get rid of. Your Brita filter won't do it. You need a KDF carbon filter to remove these cancer causing agents from the water. With a variety of sizes and easy setup, Hydrologic makes it easy to find the filter that is best suited for your needs.

Hortilux lamps

Hortilux has been the industry leading horticultural lamp maker for 25 years. They set themselves apart with proprietary chemistry inside their lamps and consistent reliable results.

TNB Naturals CO2

If you grow indoors your plants want more C02. You can lug a heavy tank around, let it run out and forget to refill it, as it often goes. Or you can use a C02 generator but that will generate unwanted heat in your garden. That is why TNB Naturals C02 canisters are so great and have become so popular. They generate C02 without the additional heat and are extremely simple to use.

ONA Scent Neutralizer 

Ona odor neutralizing products have always been a staple in our gardens...and cars, doghouses, garages, living rooms, basements, attics, etc. As an odor neutralizer that is safe around plants, people and pets, Ona has provided an effective and reliable form of discretion for 20 years.

ToTT Turkey Bags

We've used a lot of turkey bags over the years. We've even used them to bake turkeys with. We've found that ToTT bags dependably seal, are difficult to tear or puncture, and can hold 1 pound making them great for professional gardeners. These scent proof bags even come in adorable packaging designed by a local artist in San Francisco.