What are you smoking?

Good news: recreational cannabis is legal in California

Bad news: you might be smoking more than cannabis


Historically, cannabis cultivation has been an “underground” business where the only thing that mattered was making money and so we've run into a number of disturbing scenarios at our garden shop. One of them being customers looking to purchase products that are banned for use on cannabis.

Potential customer: “Do you guys carry Eagle-20, Phosphoload, or Forbid?”
Our response: “We do not. They're illegal to use on cannabis and can cause cancer.”
Potential customer: “I don’t care. I don’t smoke this shit.”

We understand how important it is to achieve yields in this business. Critical issues like pests and powdery mildew must be dealt with efficiently. Our experience and passion has helped us develop the knowledge to fight these problems without banned substances. Our customers have learned how effective mechanical controls like temperature, airflow, Co2 and oxygen saturation, among others, can be at preventing most problems. There are also many methods to remedy a problem with just a little extra information and effort. Insecticidal soaps, organic oils, beneficial bacteria or fungus, compost teas and ferments can kill pests and pathogens while at the same time feeding the plant.

Unfortunately, with tight timelines and bills to pay, many commercial growers have no concern for the consumer and use products that can make you sick.

Should you be concerned? Only if you care about your health. When California legalized cannabis the main concern was collecting tax money. That’s one of the reasons recreational cannabis is so much more expensive than medical cannabis. It’s also why producers are allowed to sell POISONOUS CANNABIS. California Assembly Bill No. 133 Chapter 253 makes it very clear that cash flow is more important human safety by stating, “A licensee may sell cannabis or cannabis products that have not been tested.” That is word-for-word from the actual bill. If it doesn’t have to pass a test then how do you know it’s safe? You don’t.

So how do you ensure that the cannabis you smoke is safe? You grow your own.

We have been doing it without harmful pesticides or nutrients for more than 15 years and we're happy to help you do the same. Our shop is open everyday in Oakland from 10am to 6pm. You can reach us by email at info@oaklandgardensupply.com if you can’t make it into the shop.